What Parents Should Know

Congratulations!!  You have decided to pursue lessons for your child.  It’s a smart and healthy choice, but where do you begin to get information and how do you choose the right music school.  We are here to help you gather the facts that you need to make a decision that’s right for your family.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be persistent in getting the answers.  Some people are experts at dancing around the facts or changing the subject.

  • A music education does not come cheap.  Lessons are expensive, however, when taught by a qualified professional the rewards and end result is well worth the price.  Therefore, do your homework.  Insist that the teachers are educated in their field and are qualified to teach your child.  Anything less should be unacceptable to you.
  • In order to be 100% certain that your child will be learning properly, music MUST be taught  be curriculum.  Be sure that there is a proper one in place.   Only someone who has taken the time and invested money in their education, will be able to teach using an educational curriculum.
  • Do not be swayed by “eye-appeal”.  Music can be well hidden with a lot of mindless noise.  “Yes… the package looks beautiful but let’s open it and see what’s inside.”  For this reason, it is not recommended that a student chooses and dictates where they want to go or what they want to learn.  Children and teens are far too young to make such an important decision.  A child that learns by curriculum taught by a highly educated professional will have the ability to play anything they want simply by applying the right tools.  Tisho’s Music Academy is all about “the right stuff” no flashy gimmicks, no nonsense.
  • Beware of cheap start-up programs,  free lessons, pop star images and other advertising gimmicks.  Quality music does not go on sale.  You get what you pay for, and you should NOT pay more than one month at a time.
  • Tisho’s Music Academy is staffed with professional & educated musicians who have achieved high educational standards.  Only one in every hundred who apply to our studio are considered for employment.  Most of our staff are from Eastern Europe and have been educated in the top 2 Universities in the world.  Some have been invited by the world famous Juilliard School of the Arts in New York, to offer master classes and workshops .
  • Tisho’s Music Academy may NOT be for everyone.  We are strict in structure, discipline and commitment.  Our teachers have very high academic expectations of their students.  Children who are hard working and eager to advance their music education will definitely excel in this establishment.  It is not for students who are lazy, make excuses for not practicing, constantly missing classes, never arriving on time, disrespecting their teachers and refusing to follow instructions.  These students will be asked to leave and another school will be recommended to the parents.

FACT: Tisho’s Music Academy is one of CANADA’S NO.1 Schools for Music Education

  • Tisho’s Music Academy is a strong community supporter.  We believe that competition is good for everyone because it gives people choices.  Do not make your decision based on what your friends and neighbours have chosen.  What is suitable for them may not be suitable for you.  If we feel  your child is not progressing well under our system, we will gladly recommend another music school in our community which is more suitable for your child.  Our focus is on the student’s educational advancement, not on your monthly fee.
  • And finally…get involved in your child’s music.  Encourage them to practice, praise their efforts, involve them in school talent shows, attend their recitals, reward their achievements.  All of these things are motivational to a child.  Don’t let them give up.  Teach them the importance of commitment.  A child is less likely to quit if the parent is involved in their progress.

DID YOU KNOW THAT MUSIC…..makes kids smarter, improves confidence & self-esteem, improves academic results, stimulates the creative part of the brain, increases awareness and energy, relieves stress and prevents insomnia, has long term benefits such as helps to prevent Alzheimers and Arthritis. (enough motivation for mom and dad to learn too!!)

A CHILD WHO STUDIES MUSIC IS….78% more likely to stay in school, 45% more likely to make the honour roll, 62% more likely to excel in Math & Science, 55% more likely to be a high achiever in life, 85% more likely to attend University, 52% more likely to be socially popular and well liked, 68% more likely to stay out of jail…and here is the most important!! 90% more likely to be happy with their life!!

**Right now every parent out there should be saying “where do I sign?

“Come and join the NUMBER 1 MUSIC SCHOOL in Canada. We have programs to suite everyone in the family.”

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