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Regional Editorial & Opinions

Taken from the Regional Editorial & Opinions, December 2010

Dear Editor,

What a beautiful community you have!! I actually don’t live here… I live in Stouffville, but I have been visiting Bolton once or twice a week for the past 5 years. When my son entered high school several years ago, he was determined to pursue his love and passion for music. We searched and searched and there was nothing available to us, at least not for the level of education that we were looking for.

We kept looking back at Tisho’s Music Academy, which seemed to be the only school offering what we were looking for. There was no”hype”, no pretence and no sales pitches. But my goodness, all that driving was going to be a pain. My other concern was that my son (being a typical teenager) may not take this commitment seriously, and we would end up with a huge waste of time and money. After much discussion, we met with Tisho for consultation, and away we went.

Isn’t it devastating when a parent realizes just how lazy their children are when it comes to hard work and commitment? But Tisho would have none of this attitude and he spelled it out to my son just exactly what is expected of him. To this day, I don’t know if it was fear, respect, or a bit of both, that motivated my son. But to sum it all up, five years later, he had mastered the drums and the entire percussion family, achieved Grade 8 RCM level in Percussion and Grade 10 RCM in piano.

Last summer his dream came true. He auditioned for Juliard in New York and was accepted into the Music program. I am the proudest mom in the world, and I owe it all to Tisho Balinov, who never gave up on my son, even though we all did at some point. I don’t know where my son would be today without the discipline he received from this amazing teacher who took no nonsense and no excuses. During our weekly visits, I had a lot of time to kill during my son’s lessons, so I ventured out into the community and made a habit for doing my shopping in Bolton while I waited for my son’s lesson to be over. I loved Garden Foods and all the specialized small local stores you have in your town. Now that my son is off to New York, my husband and I are”empty nesters” as we say; we have sold our family home in Stouffville and bought a small house in Bolton. So many thanks to Tisho Balinov and all the wonderful business owners for all that you have done to shape our family’s future.


Mona Cheltingham,
Stouffville, Ontario

Dominic Virgilio

Dear Mary & Tisho,

Congratulations to you both for your compassion to teach youths in Caledon/Bolton your gift of music. Angie & I are proud of the accomplishments achieved by our own children, Anthony, Frances and Joey.Regards,
Dominic Virgilio | President & CEO | Bel Air LumberHey Mary!  I’m so happy to hear that you liked it!  It seemed a little more fitting than the one playing the flute but that could just be me!  Anyway, I definitely think it’s necessary!  You and Tisho are both such unselfish people and you are both deserving of much more than just a little figurine!   I’ll always be grateful for what you did for me last year so this is just another little ‘thank you’ for another great year!  If it weren’t for you two I wouldn’t be back into music again!

Dominic Virgilio

Maria, Ralph & Biagio Mazza

Dear Mary & Tisho,

Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. It’s been great to see the progress that Biagio has made since he started coming to Tisho’s Music Academy, and we truly want to thank you for that. The music has made a difference in so many ways.

Many thanks,
Maria, Ralph & Biagio Mazza

The Lucentini Family

Dear Tisho,Thank you for all that you do for my boys. Your passion and commitment can be clearly seen through all that you do. You go above and beyond the call of duty, and that’s what makes Tisho’s Music Academy so special.

With love
The Lucentini family

Heidi Volasko

Dear Mary & Tisho,”For service above and beyond the call of duty…” Thank you both so much for what you have done for me. I really do appreciate it. It’s much more than what any other school would do.

Many Thanks,
Heidi Volasko

The Simeon Family

A couple of summers ago, our family attended the Taste of the Danforth in Toronto for the very first time. We enjoyed the food and festivities and stayed late into the evening to enjoy performances from various bands.There was one band in particular we loved listening to, especially the drummer. My youngest son, Michael, at the time was interested in starting drumming lessons and we were amazed at this drummer’s talent and energy.This encouraged us to begin looking for a music school. In the fall, we came across Tisho’s Drums’N Piano in Bolton. When we went to register, Michael noticed some photographs displayed on the walls and recognized the drummer from the Taste of the Danforth. It turned out that it was Tisho who was the drummer that night and who would become Michael’s drum teacher. Since that time, we have watched Michael progress and have enjoyed many music recitals. This past summer we were very proud of Michael as he accepted a $100 scholarship award for most improved student in drums. We believe it was fate that brought Michael and our family to Tisho’s Drums’N Piano but it is the dedicated teachers and positive teaching environment that has us coming back year after year.

The Simeon Family

Dawn, Sharon & Joe Rego

Dear Mary and Tisho,

Last week, I read Meaghan’s story on your website and was moved to tears. When I watched her perform this morning, I was humbled by her grace and poise. She is truly an inspiration to have overcome such incredible odds.

When you were announcing the scholarships this morning, neither Dawn nor I expected this. As a new family to your school, we both recognize the enormous talent in all of your children and never did we expect to receive the Zaremba scholarship. I am still numb and in Dawn’s own words, she feels very privileged to receive this scholarship. She also feels that there are so many other students who are more deserving – and that is why I love my daughter so much. She is a selfless and dedicated musician.

Meaghan’s story is one of true inspiration and Dawn will certainly respect and honour this acknowledgement as she prepares this coming year for her University auditions. A little something about Dawn that I carry in my heart always is that my Dad (her grandfather) passed away exactly 1 year before Dawn was born. He was my best friend and my life teacher – and there are many days when I feel him standing right beside me. I chose my daughter’s name intentionally – she is my “Dawn” of a new day and it’s often heartbreaking to think that my father never met her. My Mom passed away 4 years ago. She loved the arts and was fortunate enough to see a few of Dawn’s dance recitals over the years. Both my mother and father, I’m certain, are looking down on their grand daughter now with tremendous pride.

We also want to thank you for Jaye – a remarkable young woman who brings such strength and dedication to Dawn’s life. I really believe that it takes a village to raise a child – and Mary & Tisho – thank you for bringing your music school to this community. My husband and I would not have the network nor the means to mentor Dawn the way Jaye does through your school – and we are extremely appreciative of everything you do, not only for our daughter, but for the many other children and youth in this community.

Dawn, Sharon and Joe Rego

Marie-Josée and Roberto Famele

Good afternoon Mary, Ruslan and Davor:

How can we express Edouardo’s and our happiness with regards to his achievements this year…  I strongly believe that starting the year as a member of the Rolling Pebbles as provided him with a new and reinforcing perspective on music and what could be accomplished with efforts and commitments.  The same goes double for his decision to persevere his practice, which allowed him to pass his Grade 1 Piano RCM exam with (88%) “First Class Honours”.  And now, to receive a scholarship award for “Most Talented Student” is truly and honour for him!

For all of these reasons and more, Edouardo was SO PROUD of himself and, as parents, we know that it is special moments like these ones that reflect very positively on his self-esteem.  It is very clear to us that Edouardo feels like he belongs in Tisho’s musician family!

All that said, thank you so much for guiding our son through every steps of his music studies and endeavours.  As a team of professional, you always seems to know exactly what to tell him, when he needs to hear it the most, in order to continue pushing himself and give his best.

Indeed, THANK YOU for a job well done by you all and also by your colleagues.

Gratefully yours,
Marie-Josée and Roberto Famele

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