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B.A., M.A., (HONS.) MUS.ED.

*6 time Gold Medalist and European Champion
*RCM Silver and Gold Medalist, 2010-2016.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He attended the University of Sofia, after being awarded a full Government Scholarship. He graduated with top honors and earned a Masters Degree in Percussion and Orchestration. He also excels in Piano, Guitar and all Orchestral instruments. Tisho earned national acclaim as a world class musician by performing concerts in Germany, Norway, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Russia, Amsterdam and several Mediterranean Islands. He is also fluent in seven languages. Tisho proudly holds 6 gold medals after winning all the European Music Competitions for 6 consecutive years. Today he continues to prove he is one of most decorated musicians amongst his peers, by winning the Gold & Silver Medals from 2010 to 2014, awarded by the Royal Conservatory of Music.


Director & Program Coordinator:

Mary Balinov studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music but her love of dance has led her to pursue it as a career. She developed and implemented music and theatre programs for young children and adults in several Community Centers. Mary has won awards for her music programs as well as dancing and choreography for shows such as West Side Story and Singing in the Rain.

She also holds several excellence awards in Business Management. Her artistic talent and trained eye for showmanship, led her to global travel, where, as an Entertainment Co-Coordinator, traveled throughout Europe screening and hiring talent for European clients. Mary now runs the highly successful Pre-School Music Centre where she strongly promotes early childhood education in music and dance, and encourages all parents to introduce their children to these programs at a very early age.


M.A., (HONS.) MUS. ED.

Vocal-Pop, Classical, Opera

Margarita Boshoer graduated from Odessa State Conservatory in USSR as a classical singer soloist, choir master and conductor. She toured and recorded with leading Russian performers of classic and folk. A soloist with the Odessa Chamber Ensemble for the “Stars of the Black Sea Festival” (Ukraine) and the “White Nights Festival” (St. Petersburg), Margarita then toured around the world as soloist for the Odessa State Operetta Theater and Aurora Chamber Ensemble.

In Canada Margarita had performed with a world known choirs like Elora Festival Singers,Palestrina Chamber Choir,Stars of the 21st century,and as a leading voice for Aurora Quartet and music group.Margarita is a registered teacher for Canadian Music Teachers Association and Royal Conservatory of Music fr the last 15 years.


B.A., M.A., (HONS.) MUS. ED.


Andrei is a professional guitarist, performer, singer, teacher and studio musician. Born in the Ukraine, he began studying music at the age of 9. His first and main influences were 60’s & 70” Rock Bands. Andrei graduated top of his class as a classical guitarist and pursued his music career by playing in high profile bands and orchestras, teaching guitar, and performing in musicals and live theatres. Throughout his life career he recorded several CD’s with Canadian Artists, performed in South Korea at American Military Bases as well as Oktoberfests throughout Canada. Andrei has been a valuable member of Tisho’s staff for the past 17 years, and his unique teaching style and popularity with the kids, makes him one of the most high demand teachers on staff. Andrei rarely has availability on his schedule.



Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, Ukulele

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Gratzian studied at the prestigious State Conservatory where he focused on Rock and Jazz. After graduating he joined several leading Bands and acquired several tours of Eastern Europe enjoying success and gaining momentum as successful musician. In 1988 Gratzian moved to Canada with his family. He has been a valuable member of Tisho’s staff since 2006, offering lessons in drums, percussion, guitar, bass, clarinet & ukulele. Gratzian’s students have gained much success and recognition winning the Ontario RCM Gold Medal 5 times, as having the highest marks in Ontario for their Royal Conservatory Exams.


B.A., C.D., MUS.ED.

Classical Guitar

Lawrence Barley studied guitar and lute at the Royal Conservatory of Music under William Trotter. He had advanced studies with Dr. Aaron Brock and Robert Hamilton and Guillem Perez-Quer of the Barcelona Conservatory. He studied theory with Molly Sclater and Joe Ringhofer. He is the guitar half of the flute and guitar duo Celebration Duo of Toronto. For many years he played Euphonium with the Governor-Generals Horse Guard Band in Toronto and still plays Guitar with the the LFCA Show Band.

Larry has been a valued member of Tisho’s staff for the past 10 years.



Violin & Viola

Eskender began his music studies at the age of 7.  In 1987 he moved to Moscow where he continued his education in Gnesin’s Academy, one of the most renowned schools in Russia.  In addition to that, “geography” had a tremendous influence on his development as a musician.  Surrounded by a vast variety of cultures, his work is rich with different tunes and rhythms.  After graduation, Eskender worked as a violinist in several of Moscow’s best orchestras, among them the Chamber of Orchstra Kremlin, for which he composed a number of works eliciting praise from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and John Corigliano.

Eskender has been a valuable member of Tisho’s staff since 2011.


Music Perf. MUS.ED.

Rock Bands, Mini Bands, Piano, Guitar, Drums, & Vocal

Kristian grew up in his parents music studio and in 2015 he graduated from the prestigious Metalworks Institute with top honors and was the winner of the SONOR OF CANADA AWARD.  Kristian studied Music Performance and Technology under the watchful eye of superstar drummer from the band TRIUMPH,  Gil Moore.  His natural gift of music, hard work ethics, and intense passion to succeed, has made Kristian a very versatile and successful musician and producer/songwriter.  Today Kristian brings with him an element of youth to the already well established and disciplined Music Academy that his parents established.  His high educational music achievements  allows him to offer structured and fun lessons in drums, percussion, piano, guitar, voice, songwriting composition and lyrics, as well as Rock bands and Mini bands orchestration.  His professional  recording studio is equipped with the latest technology where he is able to offer aspiring artists a professionally recorded demo CD.


Pre-School Music Program, Mini Ballet & Hip Hop

The youngest of the Balinov family, Diana also grew up surrounded by music. Although she studied piano, drums, guitar and voice for several years, Diana’s passion for dance was undeniable. She trained and competed at the National level for 15 years in all disciplines, such as ballet, jazz, tap, acro, and hip hop, winning many 1st place and overall titles along the way. Diana also represented Canada on the World Stage in Germany as Team Canada attended the World Dance Championships in 2010 where she earned a Bronze Medal. This year, Diana will be joining the rest of her family at Tisho’s Music Academy offering day classes in the pre-school music program, as well as introduction to mini ballet and hip hop. Diana also provides music classes to individuals with special needs through the Meaghan Zaremba Music Room for Disabled Individuals. She is excited to finally share her love and passion for music and dance at Tisho’s Music Academy.


Each student is unique. Each student is different. Some learn quickly, others take their time. Some are passionate, some are shy and withdrawn.

Our commitment is to teach each one with challenges, not with caution. Each child has many locked doors and windows. A good teacher knows how to open them. We will be persistent and relentless in our efforts to succeed. A child needs discipline, direction, but most important they need to respect their mentor. We work with good old fashion ethics and beliefs.

To believe that a child is only capable of “minimum”, you are robbing that child of opportunities. They need to be pushed and challenged in order to realize their potential.

REMEMBER……Einstein failed and dropped out of school….TWICE!!

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