Q/  Is my child too young to take private music lessons?
A/  The studio offers a pre-school music program for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years of age.  It introduces young students to all aspects of music and provides an overall introduction and basic foundation to music skills.  We strongly recommend that children begin with this program which will prepare them for private lessons.  Children as young as 4 have been able to begin structured private lessons due to this program.

Q/  Can I try one lesson just to see if my child likes it?
A/  One lesson will not give you a realistic assessment.  It’s unfair to the child and unfair to the teacher.  Our team of professionals always recommend a minimum of 3 months.  This allows teacher and student to develop a relationship, get to know each other’s habits, style and personality and actually produce academic results.  A young child is more likely to continue if they feel they are accomplishing something.  This cannot be achieved with one lesson.

Q/  My child doesn’t like it and he/she wants to quit but I want my child to continue and get a music education.  What do I do?
A/  Most parents find this dilemma very difficult.  We, as professionals, do not consider this a dilemma or a problem.  You are the parent, therefore, you will make the decision as to what is best for your child.  Our advise is that this be approached no different than getting up in the morning and going to school.  All children eventually accept this as being part of their routine.  It also teaches them to pursue life’s challenges and not quit if the going gets tough.  This practice will develop a strong persistent character.  Too often children tend to rule, and we lose sight of who is the parent and who is the child.

Q/  Do I have to pay for lessons even if I don’t attend?
A/  Yes.  Please remember that all lessons are private, therefore, the teachers have booked a specific day and time slot just for you.  They are there, even if you don’t attend, and therefore are paid for their time.

Q/  Do you offer make up lessons?
A/  Yes, a student is allowed 3 make up lessons per year providing that proper notice is given.

Q/  Do you offer recital performances?
A/  Yes.  We offer 2 recitals per year.  Our Christmas concert supports CCS in our area.  Our year-end recital now consists of 3 shows with solos, duets, trios,  bands, and parents band performances.

Q/  Do you offer theory classes?
A/  Yes.  These classes are highly recommended to all students regardless of what discipline they are studying.  We offer beginner and advance classes.

Q/  What is your accepted method of payment?
A/  We accept cash, cheque and e-Transfers and we always recommend that you leave a series of post dated cheques on file to cover your monthly fee.  We do not accept credit cards or interact.

Q/  Do you provide receipts?  Is there tax on my monthly fee?
A/  Yes.  We provide a receipt for tax purposes every year. There is NO TAX on top of your monthly fee.  It is illegal for private music schools to charge HST.

Q/  How much money do I have to pay upfront?
A/  You only pay one month at a time.  All payments are due on the 1st of each month, therefore, each month is paid in advance.  There are no refunds for missed lessons or going on holidays..

Q/  What happens if I decide to quit?
A/  You must complete your full month.  If you leave mid month or very early at the beginning of the month, you will forfeit that month’s payment.  Once you have completed your month and you have given notice that you will not be returning, we will return any post dated cheques that we have on file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We expect all students and their families to respect and abide by our rules, regulations and studio policies.  Due to the number of children enrolled in our school these policies are strictly enforced.  Please be sure you fully understand your commitment when it comes to fees, attendance and missed classes.  If you have any questions or areas of concern please do not hesitate to contact the studio and speak to our Director in person.

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